People & Careers

For more than 30 years Golden Aluminum has consistently been a leading innovator in the aluminum sheet coil manufacturing sector thanks to its commitment to and dedication from its team members.

Why Golden Aluminum

  • Industry leading turnaround times

    Just in time supply capability and superior inventory control allow us to deliver only what you need when you need it as fast as 20 days from order to shipment. A delivery speed no other mill can match.

  • Supply Chain Reliability

    We eliminate your aluminum supply chain vulnerability. We manufacture all of our products in our Colorado facility and source our materials from multiple suppliers in North America. In addition, our process allows to maximum flexibility to ensure that we can help our loyal customers when a supply emergency occurs.

  • Prompt, personalized service

    Whether it be something as simple as same day order confirmation or as technical as an alloy design, you will always be helped by experienced dedicated professionals with an average of over 15 years service at Golden Aluminum.

  • Flexibility: Small or large quantities

    Only what you need when you need it. Our flexible factory process allows us to routinely deliver quantities as small as 11K lbs/5MT and as large as several truckloads or containers very quickly.

Our Sustainability Commitment


Read about our ongoing commitment to use less energy, water and materials to produce our products in our sustainability section.


Our proprietary Infinity Alloy Family is made of between 60 to 100 recycled beverage cans.


The cores used by Golden Aluminum are made of 100% recycled material.


In 2014 we recycled 10 million pounds of beverage containers, the equivalent of 320 million aluminum cans. 30 to 50% of our production uses recycled aluminum for its raw material.