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Posted: 06/13/2018

Production Technician II

Job Type: full-time
Salary: Salary Postion

Department name:

Shred, Melt, Cast/Hotmill

Reporting relationships:

Reports to Superintendent, Process Expert and Area Lead

The Production Technician II position is responsible for the daily operation of heavy, moderately complex foundry equipment in a manufacturing environment. This position will run a variety of equipment and may include; presses, mills, casters, shredders, ovens, annealers, alpurs and/or slitters. Tech II’s are responsible for ensuring that product is continuously flowing while visually inspecting to ensure quality standards and customer specifications are met.

Duties (essential)

  • Read and interpret safety and work instructions both verbal and written to understand required specifications
  • Operate machinery using a control panel
  • Meet daily machine rates
  • Safe and efficient operation of machinery using Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) devices
  • Inspect, start-up, operate and adjust machinery to maintain specified parameters
  • Perform preventative maintenance on machines
  • Troubleshoot machines, change out rolls on machines
  • Handle large metal coils ranging from 8-10k lbs.
  • Operate a forklift
  • Pick up and transport coils, scrap bins and other materials using a forklift
  • Operate Grizzly and Shredder (Shred)
  • Unload rail cars full of different types of aluminum. (Shred)
  • Handle large amounts of hazardous chemicals
  • Assist in tests and samples of metal (Cast)
  • Skim the top layer of molten aluminum for impurities (Melt/Cast)
  • Clean and scrape out alphurs (Melt/Cast)
  • Take samples of molten metal (Melt/Cast)
  • Operate/control and add material, scrap, or alloys to the furnaces. (Melt)
  • Operate delaq and kiln. (Melt)
  • Scrape out Dross from furnace and transport it to the Dross room (Melt)
  • Maintain a proper level of aluminum at all times (Melt/Cast)
  • Block graphing, adjust casting blocks and position them using correct measurements (Cast)
  • Build tips of casting blocks to prevent damage (Cast)
  • Use handheld sheers to cut metal
  • Use handheld pneumatic tools.
  • Review schedule, work instructions, work logs and other company information by utilizing standard computer programs
  • Assess quality criteria for product, interpret deviations to set criteria specifications and take remedial action as necessary

Duties (non-essential)

  • Perform housekeeping: sweeping, and picking up debris, or scrap
  • Complete appropriate documentation
  • Perform maintenance checks on forklift
  • Operate and inspect overhead jib cranes
  • All other duties assigned


  • Follow all safety procedures including: wearing proper PPE, LOTO, confined space entry and fall protection
  • Report all injuries or incidents
  • Show up for every scheduled shift on time
  • Have a positive attitude and a teamwork mentality

Working conditions

  • Work 12 hour rotating shifts (days and nights)
  • Work 40+ hours in a week
  • Ability to stand for up to 12 hours per day and, at times, sit for up to 12 hours per day
  • Ability to use manual dexterity to operate various types of equipment and hand tools
  • Ability to hear and understand verbal instruction
  • Ability to lifting items weighing 20 to 75 lbs. on a semi-frequent basis, carrying up to 10 feet distance
  • Ability to conduct continuous and frequent body motions/repetitions which include; sit to stand position, bending at knees, twisting, climbing in and out of forklift trucks
  • Ability to effectively and appropriately wear PPE in required areas. PPE may include; hard hat, face shield, spats, thermal gloves, safety glasses (eye protection), hearing protection and steel toed boots
  • Ability to withstand and work with hot (up to 125 degrees,) and cold temperatures, strong fumes, working with different types of hazardous chemicals, grease, dust, dirt, grime, loud noise (up to 100 Db)

Job specifications

The minimum education: High school/G.E.D. preferred

Work experience: manufacturing/production experience preferred.

Knowledge/ skills: Must know how to operate a forklift, have basic computer skills, and be mechanically inclined, speak, read and write English, strong attention to detail and basic mathematical skills.

Golden aluminum is an Equal Opportunity Employer