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For over 40 years, we have been diligently working to improve our environmental footprint. Through a game-changing, energy-efficient proprietary flat-rolled aluminum technology, we curate new aluminum alloys ready to make our world a cleaner, better place for all.

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Honored to receive up to $22.3M DOE Grant for decarbonization efforts.

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What We Do

Aluminum Solutions for Industries with Bold, Eco-Friendly Goals.

Leading the green revolution in the aluminum industry for more than 40 years, we are the pioneering innovators in the Aluminum Sheet Coil Manufacturing Sector and a specialized supplier of aluminum goods. We bring the automotive, commercial and packaging industries a solution engineered for a sustainable, greener future.


Consumes 80% less energy than other mills


35% of pallets are recycled, the remaining repurposed


First-of-its-kind continuous casting technology


Saves 3,000 KW in energy through the Lights-out practice


up to 75% recycled content depending on alloy

A Revolutionary Approach

A Process Unmatched in its Uniqueness & Efficiency.

With over 40 years of operation producing well over a billion pounds of Aluminum the Golden Aluminum Block Caster is by far the most successful block caster in the world.

The block caster uses tracks of copper coated steel blocks on tracks to cool and solidify the aluminum into a sheet.

The block concept was a breakthrough in thinking vs previous belt concepts as the blocks had the thermal mass and rigidity to produce a sheet of consistent structure while running at a relatively high speed.

Our Approach

We Give Aluminum a New Life

Our approach was developed to benefit not just the organizations, but the society and our environment. Our offerings are not only for our esteemed clients, but also for the world we live in.

We have the capability to give aluminum a second life by using high recyclable content

Our Value

Our Aluminum isWorth Investing In.

Unbeatable Turnaround Times

In as little as 4 weeks - and your order is fulfilled. You'll find our just-in-time supply capabilities and market-leading inventory control like no other - just like our aluminum solutions.

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A Supply Chain You Can Count On

We’ve worked hard to build our supply chain relationships and carefully crafted manufacturing processes - all to make sure our supply chain doesn’t fail you or us, even in an emergency.

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Prompt, Personalized Service

From a simple request to a complex technical problem, we are here to help. Our team of dedicated and talented professionals was specially handpicked to offer you an exceptional service.

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Our Sustainability Strategy

Preserving the Present.Shaping the Future.


At Golden Aluminum, it’s always about striving to achieve more in less. Lesser energy, lesser water, lesser materials. Greater results.


Being at the forefront of our industry requires us to think outside the box in order to create successful, sustainable products and processes. Our proprietary Infinity Alloy Family is particularly derived from recycled beverage cans.


It’s not just about today, it’s about striving to give back for a better tomorrow. Our manufacturing practices optimize resources and recycled materials, such as our roll cores, which are made entirely of recycled material.


Our pride is in our continued commitment to recycling. More than 50% of our production incorporates recycled aluminum as a raw material.

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