5182, 5754 and 5052 Alloys

Building and Construction Supplies that Sustain Your Foundation.

Our 5000 series aluminum alloys are specially formulated for a wide variety of building products that require superior formability, excellent strength-weight ratio, durability for today's sustainable construction demands.

Our 5052 and 5016 alloys meet the technical requirements and performance needed for building and construction applications. They can be used as substitute of 3000 series alloys for several applications. Our green and sustainable aluminum is used for facades, roof construction, rainwater goods, ceiling systems, composite applications, high-quality light fittings providing excellent formability, resistance to corrosion and weather and can be color coated for architectural applications.

Our Applications

Rainware Goods, Soffits, and Other Components

Golden Aluminum have been supplying the B&C industry for many years. Our aluminum has been used on many applications and meet the industry requirements needed such as excellent formability, ductility, and outstanding durability. Our eco-friendly continuous cast process allow us to offer an excellent cost-effective choice and the most sustainable aluminum in the market.

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