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To Our Clients

We are committed to offering you innovative and sustainable aluminum sheeting solutions for everyday products. From the moment you place your order for a custom-designed aluminum alloy solution through to its performance on your manufacturing line, you will receive customer care like none other. For us, you come first.

To Our Employees

We're dedicated to providing you with a workplace culture that makes you love what you do. We're here to support you in realizing and nurturing your fullest potential. For us, you matter ...

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To Our Planet

We are committed to giving back to you. We appreciate everything you have done for us and continue to do, which is why we believe in incorporating sustainable solutions every step of the way. For us, you deserve our care.

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A Revolutionary Approach

A Process Unmatched in its Uniqueness & Efficiency.

With over 40 years of operation producing well over a billion pounds of Aluminum the Golden Aluminum Block Caster is by far the most successful block caster in the world.

The block caster uses tracks of copper coated steel blocks on tracks to cool and solidify the aluminum into a sheet.

The block concept was a breakthrough in thinking vs previous belt concepts as the blocks had the thermal mass and rigidity to produce a sheet of consistent structure while running at a relatively high speed.

A Revolutionary Approach

A Process Unmatched in its Uniqueness & Efficiency.

Before 1982, aluminum beverage cans were made solely from raw aluminum. But all of that changed when the revered and revolutionary Bill Coors envisioned a more sustainable approach, which involved repurposing used beverage cans and recasting them as aluminum alloys to be used in the production of new beverage cans.

Fast forward to today — Our solutions are a testament to the fact that Bill Coors’ vision has since then blossomed. Today, Golden Aluminum incorporates proprietary casting technology to deliver to our customers the highest quality aluminum products in the fastest way possible. Our processes and solutions are what set us apart.

Through The Years

The Golden History

Take a peek at our company's history and what made us into what we are today.

  • 1982

    The never-thought-of dream becomes a revolutionary reality.

    Bill Coors Sr. actively works on making his vision to develop 100% recyclable aluminum cans a reality. Thus, Golden Aluminum is founded.

  • 1983

    Our innovative continuous block caster is born.

    A former distribution warehouse in Ft. Lupton, Colorado, is converted into an aluminum mill with the first-of-its-kind continuous block caster turning recycled cans into new aluminum sheeting.

  • 1992

    Global exports begin.

    Golden Aluminum goes global! Exports to Europe and Asia are initiated.

  • 1994

    Golden Aluminum diversifies.

    The company develops and expands its product offering beyond the 5000-Series alloys by releasing products made of AA 3004 Alloy.

  • 1997

    Golden Aluminum steps foot into the food packaging industry.

    Coors enters into a two-year agreement with Crown Cork and Seal to facilitate Golden Aluminum, providing aluminum stock to its food packaging plants.

  • 2004

    Golden Aluminum receives capital investment.

    The company is purchased by Golden Metals, Inc., owned by Lupton Ventures, an investment group based in Iowa. This brings additional depth of experience in the aluminum casting industry.

  • 2005

    Cue the reinvention!

    Golden Aluminum decides to expand its breadth of capabilities by implementing JIT and lean manufacturing, thereby reducing average delivery time by 33% and gaining a significant competitive advantage.

  • 2012

    The Infinity Alloy Series is introduced.

    Golden Aluminum achieves a great milestone: AA5016, the first in the series, is launched. Made from more than 75% recycled beverage cans, it is the highest recycled content aluminum alloy in the world.

  • 2014

    An aggressive entry into the automotive supply chain.

    A new initiative to supply the automotive industry begins. After collaborating with OEMs, our first sale in the new market is achieved — only in a few short months.

  • 2015

    Launch of the 6000-Series.

    A new R&D effort results in the successful casting of the first 6000-Series alloy — another notable milestone for Golden Aluminum.

  • 2016

    New horizons make way for a new partnership!

    Golden Aluminum enters into a partnership agreement with SMS Group to develop the next generation continuous block caster – NEXCAST.

  • 2022

    ASI certifies Golden Aluminum Inc. against ASI Performance

  • 2023

    ASI certifies Golden Aluminum Inc. against Chain of Custody Standard

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