Earth Friendly Packaging

Packaging that Saves the World.

We Provide The Best of Both Worlds.

  • We provide innovative and revolutionary packaging solutions that enable our customers to reduce their carbon Footprint while keeping their brand relevant.
  • Our aluminum is environmentally friendly.
  • Our technology allows high recycled aluminum content to produce “Green Can Sheet”.
  • Less energy is needed on our continuous cast process compared to DC mills.

Customers and Brands We Serve

Packaging Types

Beverage Packaging

For more than 4 decades we have been supplying in time record, color-coated and bare tab stock, ends and closures for beverage, beer and wine industries. Our aluminum is ”green-aluminum” our continuous cast technology allow us to use high recyclable content. We are proud to be color specialist.

  • Most sustainable aluminum in the market.
  • FDA approved coatings. Epoxies, Polyesters and BPANI coatings.
  • Coil Coating line in-house.
  • Order any color you want.
  • Faster than any other Mill.
  • Flexible minimum order quantities. We help you to optimize your inventories.

Food Packaging

Good things come in robust, sustainable packages. From sardine cans, pet food cans to baby infant formula containers, our solutions cover a wide range of applications. Regardless of the packaging, our more than 40 years of experience has equipped us well enough to maintain the same standard of high quality when alloying and producing aluminum.

  • Coil Coating line in-house
  • FDA approved and retortable coatings
  • Robust quality controls to meet the highest food grade packaging standards.
  • Process controls to assure curing temperatures, gauge-control, coating film-weights and color standards
Packaging, Perfected.

Packaging Experience that Spans Four Decades.

For over 40 years, we have mastered the art of creating sustainable alloys and producing quality solutions for a wide range of packaging needs. We've put a great deal of effort into perfecting our craft. Our skills are an intricate fusion of in-depth knowledge, experience and determination — coupled with an unwavering passion for sustainability. And it’s something only a few companies possess.

Color Capabilities

Custom Color Matching

When your customers demand a unique color to enhance their brand look we can help. Our close relationship with coating suppliers enables us to get you samples quickly for your approval. We can produce your custom color aluminum faster than any one else.


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