Product Specifications

Our entire business is run to work for you. That, in short, is the biggest advantage of working with Golden Aluminum. Whether your requirements are large or small, commercially unique or under a short time constraint, your needs will become our number one priority.

Our Alloys: 5016, 5017, 5182, 5052, 5754, 5352, 5042, 5082, 5083, 3004, 3105.
Product Min (in) Max (in) Min (mm) Max (mm)
Mill Finish Product Thickness Range  .007   .063   .18   1.55 
Mill Finish Product Width Range  1   30   25   762 
Coated Product Gauge  .007   .022   .18   .56 
Coated Product Width  1   28.5   25   724 
Outside Coil Diameter     65      1651 
Inside Coil Diameter  12,16,20   12,16,20   305,406,508   305,406,508 
Coil Skid Weight  2000 lbs   9500 lbs   908 Kg   4082 Kg 
Production Minimum Order Quantities (smaller quantities available for trails)  12000 lbs      5400 Kg    
Our Aluminum Alloys

The New Generation Alloys.

We offer a wide range of Alloy Series, each unmatched in its rarity, quality and durability. Our Aluminum Alloy offerings include 5000-Series, 3000-Series and Infinity Family Aluminum Alloys®, which are an ode to our promise to give back to our planet. Our alloys will make you feel confident about the quality of your products and the performance you receive from them.

Alloy Types

5000-Series Alloys

We take pride in our 5000-Series alloys, which have been perfected through years of dedication. From the most common to the rarest in O, H and F tempers, Golden Aluminum offers a wide range of premium 5000-Series that only a few can match. In the 5000-Series alloys, magnesium and manganese are the predominant alloying elements, providing medium to high strength, and the capability of being designed to perform efficiently in a wide range of applications.

Coming in a variety of tempers, the Golden 5000-Series alloys are non-heat-treatable and offer superior welding performance and excellent corrosion resistance. We manufacture products up to a sheet width of 30” (760mm) and up to a thickness of .063 (1.6mm).

Alloy Description
5016 For cap and closures. Automotive heat shields and buildings.
5017 Packaging.
5182 Beverage can tabs and ends, automotive internal components, computer and electric applications.
5052 Automotive parts, traffic signs, commercial, home applications.
5754 Automotive interior parts.
5352 Food packaging.
5042 Packaging parts.
5082 Food packaging.
5083 Select automotive body parts.
*We can make any 5000 Series alloys

3000-Series Alloys

With manganese as the major alloying element, the 3000-Series is known for its high formability and can also be readily designed to perform in a wide range of applications. They are also corrosion-resistant and non-heat-treatable.

Alloy Description
3004 Common alloy specialties and building products.
3105 Residential siding, gutters and other building products.

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